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A woman I have admired for a long time puts into words what I cannot. I’m sick of only being able to talk rationally about feminism with certain people. I’m sick of being made to feel part of an illogical dogma or a ‘killjoy’ for being a feminist. I’m sick of talking to feminists who don’t want men to be part of the conversation or who don’t care about men’s issues. ‪#‎heforshe‬

St Lucia
Musician Aniya Das and also one of my best friends. It’s nice to see her smile.

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

This will always be my number one favourite song ever. I just found a draft with my top five in and I’m glad.

"Speaking up can be intimidating. Sometimes we are nervous that our sadness isn’t warranted, when so many horrifically sad circumstances are taking place all around the world. It’s important to remind your loved one that it isn’t criminal to feel sad, regardless of whether or not they think it’s “okay” to feel that way. They are entitled to be sad, to get, like, really, really sad and cry for 24 hours straight. They can put their face in a pillow and scream. Eat a Halloween size bag of Snickers. Do whatever they need to do to get that sadness out. You know what happens to sadness that doesn’t ever get out of your chest? It grows. And grows. And grows. Until one day your heart and lungs live in a river inside your body of sadness you didn’t let go of. Being sad isn’t weak. Crying isn’t weak. Everyone should own their feelings, and watch how much easier it becomes to let go of some of those darker ones."
Amelia Olson